Getting Ready for the World of Tomorrow

Every day, we are under siege. An unseen war is taking place every minute, even right now while you are reading this. The increasingly connected world we live in is an increasingly hackable world, where cybersecurity policies and unified communication protocols are missing. Every device is an attack surface. The cyberwar does not forgive or forget anyone. The worst mistake is believing it will not happen to you.

Security needs to be embedded into a product from the start, and it can literally save money and even save lives. Software-only solutions are powerless when faced with today’s sophisticated threats and attacks. The world of tomorrow is about interconnected gadgets and smart urban ecosystems. You may think you are prepared for it, but are you really aware of all the implications for your business? 

CyberSwarm is developing a CPU specialized for cybersecurity which empowers every device to defend itself in case of a cyberattack. It is a full cybersecurity solution, with increased complexity, efficiency and scalability. Furthermore, machine learning algorithms will ensure devices communicate and cooperate with each other to learn how to counter various threats.

The CyberSwarm Approach

By taking deception technology to the hardware level for the first time, we are securing the framework on which the OS and the rest of the applications are running. At the same time, we are creating a way of communication that is impossible to intercept. Our chip is specifically designed to cover a wide range of security needs and to be embedded into different types of IoT and IIoT devices, from industrial robots to smart pens.


Key Technology Features


Low Power Consumption


Machine Learning Algorithms written in Hardware


Built-in Security Instructions


Built-in Secure Memory


Light Digital Footprint



Why Us

An attack often starts with the attempt to disable and uninstall security software. By choosing a hardware-based security solution, this becomes impossible, since everything is conceived to work together like the pieces of a puzzle. Hardware also guarantees protection against the vulnerabilities underlying in the OS and optimization for maximum security.  

To adapt to the evolving cyber threats, we will seamlessly update our technology whenever required. That will not need further effort from the customers, who will benefit from both secure automation and expert human analysis. Using supervised and adaptive machine learning algorithms limits the interaction of humans with the system to exclude their possible errors, since that is one of the most widespread vulnerabilities.  


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Cyberdeception. Powered by Hardware.