Swarm Nervous System

A neuromorphic computing engine inspired by the complexity and adaptability of the brain


Our engine will allow the development of low-power, edge-computing based AI, suitable to be embedded into IOT devices, robots, cars, and other objects around us, making them intelligent and truly autonomous since they will not need internet or cloud connectivity.


Hardware-based AI solution will enhance data privacy protection since no third-party will be involved in data manipulation. All the calculus will be done locally, inside our neuromorphic engine, ethics included.


Our neuromorphic computing engine has the potential to assimilate algorithms directly at the hardware level. Self-learning devices will be more energy-efficient, versatile, and adaptable in the future.

The Swarm Nervous System is meticulously engineered to address the prevailing challenges of power consumption and computing placement.

It can be easily integrated into any device, making it a significant milestone in the evolution of intelligent and efficient computing.